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Temple Beth David Celebrations, Welcomes, and Condolences

(updated 9/30/22)

B'nai Mitzvah

The congregation is welcome to join in person or remotely in Shabbat morning services at 10:30 a.m. when we welcome these young adults into our community as B’nai Mitzvah:

Headshot of Lucy White.

Lucy White - September 10, 2022
Parashat Ki Teitzei

Lucy White is the daughter of Daniel and Jacquelyn White, and the sister of Michael ("Mikey") White.  She is an 8th grade student at Blake Middle School in Medfield.  Lucy enjoys horseback riding, singing, writing and baking.  For her Mitzvah project she baked and sold dog treats and then used the money that she raised to purchase supplies and a gift card for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  To Lucy, becoming a Bat Mitzvah means reaching a new level of age and freedom.  It means to properly represent herself as a Jewish adult, a trustworthy friend, a kind sibling and a helpful daughter.  Lucy is grateful for her family, Rabbi Karen and Rabbi Micah, and her tutor, Nancy Mollitor, for all of their support on her journey to become a Bat Mitzvah. 


Headshot of Samantha Murstein.

Samantha Murstein - October 8, 2022
Parashat Haazinu

Samantha Murstein is the daughter of Caron and Brian’s Murstein and the sister of Hailey Murstein. She is an 8th grade student at Blake Middle school in Medfield. Samantha enjoys gymnastics, Camp Pembroke, hanging out with all of her friends, and taking care of her dog Ozzie. For her Mitzvah project she has been volunteering with Jewish Family Network delivering food to local community members. Samantha is grateful for the opportunity to help those in need. 




Headshot of Leia Fisch.

Leia Fisch - October 15, 2022
Parashat Ki Tisa (Chol HaMo'ed Sukkot)

Leia Fisch is the daughter of Hannah Gardener and Andrew Fisch and the sister of Jonah Fisch. She is a 7th grade student at Blake Middle School in Medfield. Leia enjoys dancing and performing and spending time with friends. Becoming a bat mitzvah means new responsibilities as a member of the Jewish community and continuing her family’s traditions. Leia is grateful for dance, Eisner camp, her family, and her community. 





Headshot of Noah Lapp.

Noah Lapp - October 29, 2022
Parashat Noach

Noah Lapp is the son of David and Cori Lapp and the brother of Mikayla Lapp.  He is a 7th grader at Thurston Middle School in Westwood,MA.  Noah enjoys guitar, rock climbing and programming.  For his Bar Mitzvah project he will begin a tree planting initiative (stay tuned).   Becoming a Bar Mitzvah to Noah means he is becoming a Jewish adult.  Noah is grateful for his parents who have helped him along the way.  





Wedding Celebrations

Rachel and Mitch Warren walk into their wedding reception.

Wedding of Rachel and Mitch Warren
July 3, 2022 in Blue Bell, PA

Mazal tov to Rachel and Mitch Warren on their marriage! They were married by their Rabbi, Rabbi Yair Robinson. 

-Anne and Geoff Kupferschmid



We warmly welcome new members to our community:

Rachel and Adam Volin and their children, Hudson, Rayna and Penelope (July 2022)

Laura and Adam Zaks and their children, Theodore, Ellie, Leo (July 2022)

Hallie Bregman and her daughter, Zeffie (July 2022)

Rhoda and Ira Silverleib (July 2022)

Evan Klein and Melissa Oyer-Klein and their son, Joseph (Joey) (July 2022)

Lily Fayerweather and Andrew Whelan (August 2022)

Seth Lucash and Megan Keery and their children, Evelyn and Jacob (August 2022)

Rebecca and Christopher Mahoney and their children, Nathan and Jude (August 2022)


Dahlia Rin and David Lee, and their children, Joshua and Isaac (August 2022)

Debbie and Jon Barron and their children, Eliana, Bennett and Reed (July 2022)

Erica and Joshua Arkin and their children Lucas and Cori (August 2022)

Alyssa Kaitz and Daniel Herman and their children, Lucy and Benjamin (September 2022)



We mourn the loss of:

Nancy Bushinsky, Mother of Lou Bushinsky (August 2022)

Stanley Altman, Father of Mark Altman (September 2022)






Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783