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Kesher Pledge

This form allows you to set up a five year pledge to Temple Beth David in support of the Gifts From The Heart (General Fund) through your participation in the Kesher Program.  You may choose to be invoiced on July 1st of each year or to set up automatic payments by credit card or from your checking account.

We respectfully suggest that your minimum annual pledge be at least $1,000, but we are delighted to accept pledges of any size.  Larger commitments are always welcome.

Thank you.

If you are having difficulty seeing the field entries, please use a Chrome browser. We are working on this issue.

I/We  pledge the following, to be paid over a 5 year period, to Temple Beth David in support of Gifts From the Heart:

We request that you make your first year's payment during this fiscal year, prior to June 30th. Your first year's pledge will appear on your next statement.

Subsequent year's pledges will appear on your July annual statement. Annual pledge payments are due by the end of each fiscal year, June 30th.

You may send a check as your annual pledge payment. Alternatively, the Temple can charge your credit card or your bank account. Please provide the necessary information below, including when you would like the charge to occur.

If planning to pay by credit card or ACH/Echeck please complete the following fields.
Please enter the month and day that wish for your subsequent payments to be charged.
Donor Information
for example Mr. and Mrs. S. Smith, Susan and Sam Smith

Tribute Information
Please include who to notify and their contact information.
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