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Temple Beth David Shorashim Registration 2022-2023

Welcome to
Temple Beth David Shorashim Grades K-12
Registration for 2022-2023!

Welcome, we look forward to learning with you and your family! Registration is for temple member families. Please speak with Rabbi Karen Citrin if you are interested in learning more about our temple and education programs. We are looking forward to the year ahead.

We will do everything we can to ensure a meaningful Jewish educational experience for your child/ren. Please share any relevant information about your child/ren and family with us. If you would like to speak to me and/or to your child’s teacher before the year begins, please call or email Rabbi Karen

Please log in to your member account before completing this form. If you need help, please contact Leslie Tamarkin or leave a message at the Temple office and someone will get back to you.

It is important that you update all the necessary information for each student, especially around emergency contact, medical, and special learning needs.  

If you are registering for the Shorashim Introductory Year (eldest child in grades K-2) or are a new member, please also complete the online membership form. You will then receive a login link from our office that will allow you to login to your TBD Member Portal and complete the registration.


We typically send all information to both parents. If there is a question or concern, please let us know.


The Student Information part of the form will repeat for each student, based on your answer above.

Please check if applicable and provide us with a copy.  This information will help insure that your child has the best possible experience in religious school.  All information is kept confidential.

Please note that Grades 3-6 have a separate Hebrew Schedule Choice Form. Please print and fill out the form and return to Leslie Tamarkin by scanning or taking a photo, if possible, or by mail.

There will also be a link at the end of registration.


Parents are our partners.  We depend on and appreciate your help in whatever way you are able to assist us.  Please fill out the information below.  Thank you.


From time to time, we photograph or videotape students during activities or on field trips. All photographs/ videotapes become the property of Temple Beth David and can be used for publicity, website use, or publication purposes by the Temple or cooperating organizations.
Shorashim Religious School Tuition 2022-2023

Grades K-2: $690            
Grades 3-6: $1200
Grades 3-6 with Hebrew Tutoring*: $1600
Grades 7-10: $885 (includes dinner) 
Grades 11-12: $360

*If your child has special learning needs, please speak with Rabbi Karen and this fee may be adjusted.

The K-6 fee includes the cost of some Shabbat meals per child.

Fees include all books and materials.

Tuition charges will appear on your 7/1/2022 invoice. No payment is due at this time.

Temple Beth David welcomes all families regardless of financial circumstances. No one is turned away for financial reasons. The temple subsidizes our Shorashim religious school; additional contributions are welcome. Thank you for being part of our temple community. 

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